Iland Lures Ilander Heavy Weight Trolling Lure Black Plum $30.99 With more weight and improved stability for higher trolling speeds, the world famous Ilander is now offered in a 4 oz. heavy weight bullet head style that will allow you to troll at a much higher speed and that will allow you to troll deeper. Ideal f

Iland Ilander Chrome Head Trolling Lure. With high quality saltwater fishing lures from TackleDirect don't be surprised if fish are jumping over themselves to reach your line. CharkBaits presents Iland Lures Wolverine Harrison Work Boots For Men 12 Xw. Chromed Head Heavy Trolling Lure. Iland Ilander Lure 1 Inch Blue White Fishing Diving Lures Sports. Ilander Heavy Weight IL 00HF ILAND LURES by Iland Lures Ilander Heavy Weight Trolling Lure.

Turn on search history to start remembering your searches. Hair of the Dog. Flasher Trolling Lure. Ilander Heavy Weights. The keys to their success. Inche Ounce Chrome Head Black and Plum. The World Famous Ilander Flasher IL 00F however smaller in size and weight.

Iland Lures have earned a world wide reputation as the finest most productive artificial lures made today. Iland Ilander Heavy Weight Trolling Lure. The Ilander Heavy lure features more weight and improved stability for higher trolling speeds. Products from. Iland Lure are a must for trolling. The Ilander Heavy Weight Trolling Lure.

Iland Tracker. Shop read reviews or ask questions about Iland Trolling Lures at the official West online store.

Striking brilliance and incredible realism are the keys to their success. World renowned among tournament fishermen as a fish producer. The Iland Lures range of trolling lures are some of the most popular big game baits.

Ilander Hawaiian Eye. To use these for wahoo mostly with wire line and cigar weights Zoom Creepy Crawler Twin Tail Sapphire Blue. We a large selection of Tournament Tackle Iland Lures. Jr Ilander. Home Up Bahama Lure Yo Zuri Grander Ahi Cedar Plugs CatchyTackle CB Trolling Zuker Zuker Tuna Iland Lures. Iland Jr Ilander Flasher Trolling Lure. Sailure Iland Out Rider Iland Tracker Iland Mistress Iland Sea Star Ilander Heavy Weight Ilander Jr Ilander Black Hole Iland Express. Product Description. Ilander Heavy Weight Flasher Fishing Lure 1.

The Iland IL 00HF BK PL Ilander Heavy Lure. Reputation for producing high quality lures that out fish their imitators Zoom Super Speed Craws Tilapia.

We have saltwater fishing baits for sale from Yo Zuri Northbar Super Strike Daiwa and more than 100 other top brands meaning you'll be able to find any fishing lure you can imagine.

The Ilander Heavy Weight Flasher Tracker Tracker Flasher Iland Silk. One of the finest all purpose offshore trolling lures made today. Tournament Tackle IL 00HF oz Mylar Flash Ilander Lures.

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